Clara Lucie Solo Exhibition袖ふりクララ2019年1月7日(月)〜1月10日(木)

I find that drawing with colour pencils create colours with honesty and a simplistic expression. There is a presence in the analogue method that reminds me of drawing as a kid. Like then, I draw figures of imagination. Many new figures are starting to appear in my dreams and imagination during the last months, while I have been here in Japan. Organic shapes and geometrical figures in explosive colors fills my work in an alternative universe.




Clara Lucie Heuser Vester-Andersen

instagram : @claralucie

My name is Clara Lucie Heuser Vester-Andersen, I am 28 years old and I am from Copenhagen, Denmark. I fell in love with Japan when I climbed Mt. Fuji 10 years ago. I thereafter studied Japanese at University in Copenhagen and I have returned to Tokyo a number of times for shorter and longer stays. I always find endless inspiration for my artwork and thoughts here. I believe Denmark and Japan has a special relationship and a mutual appreciation for one anothers culture and aesthetics. Every time I go to Japan, I become so happy that this place exists on earth.


2018.12.27 / 過去の展示 ギャラリー|ondo kagurazaka / Clara Lucie Solo Exhibition – 袖ふりクララ